The Magical World of Chennai Cuisine

Chennai is famous for its delicious South Indian cuisine, which is totally different from North Indian cuisine but is equally famed. From the vada, idli, and idiyappam to dosa and uppuma, Chennai supplies scrumptious dishes for all the food lovers. There are legions of veg restaurants in Chennai serving sumptuous meals. Food Lovers can enjoy non-veg Chettinad dishes such as Chettinad Pepper Chicken that are a specialty of Tamil Nadu.

Chennai is famous for its filter coffee. The people prepare filter coffee almost ritualistically, the coffee beans is first roasted and then grounded. This powder is poured into a filter set and boiling water is added to develop the extraction and left to set for about fifteen minutes. Then milk is added with sugar according to taste. This drink is poured from one glass to other in speedy sequence to make the perfect foamy cup of filter coffee.

Chennai is deeply influenced by Tamil tradition & culture, this tradition gets reflected in the Chennai cuisine. Rice is the main basic food of the South Indians and also Chennai. It forms a significant component of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch includes prepared rice dished out with different types of vegetable dishes, sambar, Rasam and curd. For non-vegetarians, dishes include mutton, fish or chicken. Breakfast ideally compiles of idli, dosa and lentils. These dishes are eaten with coconut chutney and sambar.

The Chennai cuisine has many varieties of dishes. The menu is commonly shaped by the cuisine of different cultures who have migrated to Chennai from various parts of Tamil Nadu. The traditionalistic Chennai meal is always served on a banana leaf.

Chennai cuisine is deeply influenced by tradition and culture, yet the new generation is experimenting with new style of cuisine. Now food centres and joints are coming up in city providing new style of dishes.

Tamil Nadu is acknowledged for its friendly & hospitable quality along with its traditionalistic food and the people are stern believers that providing food to the people is a service to humanity. This approach strengthens the fact that the dining experience in the city of Chennai is surely a memorable experience.

Source by Sunil Kath Kumar

December 21, 2020 5:31 pm

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