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Paper Ads Versus Online Classifieds

Paper Ads Versus Online Classifieds

Advertising in newspapers and magazines are now very expensive. An ad in the front page of the newspaper runs into thousands. The more advertising space you need, the more you have to pay. In terms of small business classifieds, the length of an ad is always limited unless you are ready to shell out more money. Paper ads have to be submitted well in advance. The impact of the ad exists for only a day or two after it has been published. A reader has to go through the entire list of classifieds to find out the product or service the reader is looking for.

Online classified websites has now replaced paper ads as they have many advantages. Unlike paper ads, online classifieds are available round the clock and are mostly free. A computer with an internet connection is all that is needed to search and post ads. Ads posted in classified websites can be managed from anywhere. Online ads can be resubmitted after expiration without any charge. Most of the classified websites charge a very small fee for the ad to be highlighted or on top of all other ads. Home page banner ads are also not expensive. There is no limitation to the length of the ad and hence the user gets a better idea of the service or product being advertised.

Chennai has seen tremendous growth in terms of computer technology. Most of households have at least one computer with internet connection. People tend to search for almost everything on the internet nowadays rather than relying on newspaper ads. This has made online classified advertising very popular. Small business enterprises and individuals are utilizing these services to the most.

Source by Preethi Sriram

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